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HCC Anzac Shelter. Wellington architect
HCC Anzac Shelter. Wellington architect

Anzac Bus Shelter

Anzac Memorial Lawn, Lower Hutt

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A bus shelter designed as part of the redevelopment of the Anzac Memorial Lawn in Lower Hutt. We created an elegant shelter that both marks the corner of the lawn and integrates with the Memorial, while also fulfilling its brief as a high-functioning, busy bus stop. A cedar slatted canopy stretches out beyond the shelter’s fibreglass roof to provide protection from the sun, and a black granite-clad wall anchors the structure and complement landscape architects, Isthmus’ design. Timber seats and a large glass screen provide protection from the weather. A red grid screen references Anzac poppies and enlivens the shelter, particularly at night when lit from below.

Subtly lit and beautifully details—a mini-symphony in timber, glass and granite…”, NZIA Awards Jury 2016.

Photos: Andy Spain.
Awards: NZIA Local Award, 2016.