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Hokitika Government Building

Work in progress, Hokitika

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HMOA is strengthening and refurbishing the Category 1-listed Hokitika Government Building. Once complete, it will be a significant heritage asset for the Hokitika community and be available for commercial tenancy. Within the building, which is described as Edwardian ‘Imperial’ Baroque in style, the existing courtroom will be fully restored as a publicly accessible space. 

Originally designed by Government architect John Campbell, construction was in two phases between 1908 and 1914 with the first phase providing accommodation for the Land and Deeds departments and the second for Supreme Court facilities. More recently, the building has been in private ownership, empty for 15 years, and has fallen into disrepair.

Working with Heritage New Zealand, HMOA will strengthen the building and restore as much significant heritage fabric as possible, with the restoration of the ornate façade on the front and sides the top priority – the insertion of a contemporary stair addition on the South-East side will effectively link the two floors of the building to the entrance, providing generous natural light into the main circulation spaces.