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135 Jackson St

Petone, Wellington

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Many of the buildings in Petone's Jackson Street, a well known Wellington shopping street, have stood for over 100 years. The clock is now ticking to restrengthen and retain them, and HMOA was invited to work on this mixed-use, heritage-listed corner site.

The front facade and five shops of this unreinforced masonry building have been restored while the four residential units completely redesigned. These north-facing, three-bedroom apartments range from 120sqm to 141sqm and all have decks. The slick, refurbished façade now stands out from the surrounding buildings.

Using exposed finishes, rough brick and old timber, HMOA successfully contrasts old and new. Materials link back to the original with timbers recycled where possible, existing native-timber joists have been up-cycled for kitchen joinery, and floorboards reused as a floating floor in one of the apartments.

With their exposed structures and old finishes, the shops are kept rustic, ready to greet customers for another 100 years.

Photos: Andy Spain

HMOA separated the project into two phases to ensure the strengthening met Council timeframes to be eligible for a grant (and avoid penalties).

Challenges in meeting this deadline included discovering asbestos during demolition and sourcing tiles to replicate the heritage facade.