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Kelburn Medical Centre

Kelburn Northland Medical Centre


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Additions and alterations to an iconic 1980s building perched above Wellington harbour at the top of the Cable Car. This new community medical centre combines the Kelburn and Northland practices.

The building was originally designed in 1984 by Athfield Architects to replace the Edwardian landmark (burnt down in 1982) that was home to the Kelburn Kiosk, a tea rooms and ticket office for the cable car.  Both buildings housed the Skyline restaurant – renowned from the 1960s for its society dinners, fundraisers and balls.

HMOA's clever design is sensitive to the Athfield building and the site while dealing with the very specific requirements of a large medical centre and its team. Nine consulting rooms and a treatment area have been skilfully slotted into the space, all light-filled and with stunning views. 

Photos: Andy Spain.

Equal care has been given to staff areas. Upstairs, a communal space for staff has its own balcony overlooking the harbour. 

Materials are relatively maintenance-free, in keeping with the robust construction required for this very exposed site. Material choices also give a nod to the Kelburn suburban landscape, including white vertical weather boards.

A pharmacy is incorporated into the next-door tenancy, with a shared entrance.