Herriot Melhuish O’Neill Architects - Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, Tauranga
HMOA NZX wellington
NZX Elevators. Wellington



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This clean, crisp office makeover reflects a change in corporate culture that saw the need for guest and staff areas to be clearly delineated. On the ground floor, a range of meeting areas and a stylish in-house café, while the open plan offices are located on the floor above.

Great detailing and great decisions underlie this work, a fit-out undertaken in lockstep with a change in office culture... The use of dark timber could have been oppressive in lesser hands, but here the atmosphere retains a commendable lightness. The lofty main workspace with delightful old timber at the edges is particularly spectacular,” NZIA Awards Jury, 2016.

Photos: Jason Mann
Awards: NZIA Local Award, 2016

Staff lockers allow for less clutter while timber walls and glass also provide this busy work environment with a sense of calm. A restrained palette of materials incorporates small accents of NZX’s brand colour, and there’s a hint of a maritime theme that fits with the Wellington waterfront location.