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TSB Arena


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A new façade and kiosk for the TSB Arena, a significant building on Wellington's waterfront. A simplified series of geometric elements was created, with distinct service and public areas, to provide a more accessible and attractive public edge. 

The new kiosk and toilets on the south end front the public promenade, playground and water. Safety issues were also addressed to ease issues between cyclists and pedestrians.

The brief included addressing some serious maintenance issues for this  90s building; the exisiting cladding and rotten framing was removed and a new full cavity cladding system was installed. The challenges of the building having to be fully operational during construction were met.

Photos: Andy Spain

Two white gables bookend a central dark grey gable form. The central element has been simplified with the removal of the upper deck and sliding door and track. This is infilled and the entire central form over-clad in black louvres, giving texture and shadow to act as a contrast to the crisp white gables.

On the kiosk, a plaster finish is contrasted with Jarrah timber. The timber boards give texture, detail and human scale to the façade and also reference traditional wharf construction. The render finish and the timber were chosen for their robustness in both a marine and public environment.