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The view from our holiday


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Somewhat ironically considering our line of work, we at HMOA prefer to spend our time outdoors rather than in. We bike, we run, we swim, we surf, and when we holiday it's generally in the outdoors, in remote places with no architecture to speak of.

The view from Karl's holiday: the Pouakai Crossing

This is the panoramic view that Karl and his family soaked up as they walked the Pouakai Crossing, a 19 kilometre one day walk on the northern slopes of Mt Taranaki. They highly recommend the walk, and stretching out your calves afterwards – there are a lot of steps!

The view from Nic's holiday: Gore Bay

Nic, Jess & Hunter stayed in a caravan at Gore Bay, on the East Coast of the South Island. Here’s the view of the surf that Nic woke up to each morning through the window of their caravan.

The view from Duval's holiday: the hills above Oamaru

Duval spent time on his bike on the hills above Oamaru, soaking up the view and dodging the occasional little blue penguin. There may or may not have been a visit to Scott’s Brewery on the way home.

The view from Max's holiday: Totaranui Beach

At Totaranui Beach in the Abel Tasman National Park, Max had a close encounter with a kelp and shellfish-encrusted creature. Max was one of the few who come back from their summer holiday with a tan, so as well as finding where the wild things are, he also found where summer has been hiding.

The view from John's holiday: Mahurangi Island, Coromandel

No man-made architecture in sight: John and his son Billy spent some time kayaking around the Coromandel coast discovering one of nature’s impressive structures at Mahurangi Island.