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Working With An Architect On Your New House


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What does an architect do?

We're always keen to clarify some of the misunderstandings around working with an architect and make the steps involved clearer. So with the help of our longtime collaborator, Wellington designer and artist Jacqui Colley, we've put together a handy booklet explaining the process of working with us on a residential project.

Available on this site as an e-booklet, you can find Working with Us On Your New House on our Studio page. Email us if you'd like to receive a hardcopy.

We've heard that sometimes architects' passion for what they do can translate into our industry seeming a bit mysterious—there are so many misconceptions about what an architect actually does! We hope this booklet helps to explain the process around what's involved in realising your new home or alterations with us.

Are Architects the same as Architectural Designers?

No, architects have spent several years at a university completing their professional training and even after graduating can only call themselves an 'architectural graduate'. It is only once they have worked in an architect's studio for a number of years and completed their registration that they become an 'architect'. Registration is earned through a combination of academic qualifications, practical experience and an examination. 

In New Zealand, an architect’s professional status is protected by the New Zealand Registered Architects Board. Only registered professionals can call themselves architects. Anyone in New Zealand can call themselves an 'architectural designer'.

There's more information about working with an architect on the New Zealand Institute of Architects site.