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Kelburn House II


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Residential Process

Our clients’ intention to adapt their villa, on a small, narrow site, evolved into plans for a new house when their neighbours refused to sign a Resource Consent application. The new house fulfils everything they loved about the old villa while also meeting their needs for contemporary living.

This delightful house on a tight urban site demonstrates clarity and simplicity in planning and formal resolution as well as very good relationship to outdoor spaces... It is distinguished by elegance of composition and a high level of craft, evident in expression of timber structure and ply detailing,” NZIA Awards Jury, 2008.

Photos: Paul McCredie.
Awards: NZIA Wellington Architecture Award 2008.

There are two distinct living areas, a kitchen/dining area for intimate everyday use, and a larger space for social gatherings. A natural palette of contrasting materials including concrete blocks, polished concrete floor, expressed joists, and timber/plywood joinery are thoughtfully used throughout the internal spaces, while a rhythm of zinc-sprayed steel veranda posts demarcates the exterior of the house.