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Redcliffs House waterfront
Redcliffs House. Photo Sarah Rowlands
Redcliffs House kitchen

Redcliffs House


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Residential Process

On the edge of Te Rae Kura (The Red Glowing Headland), HMOA's design for this new beach house in Redcliffs rises from a solid base, a measure of fortification from an impending tidal landscape.

The sculptural nature of the exterior form underlines the tension of being at the junction of land and sea, and it breaks the overall scale of the two-level form.

An entry courtyard carved out to provide shelter from the easterly also provides glimpses to the estuary view beyond.

External cladding materials, a combination of stainless steel and larch, have been chosen to withstand the elements and patina over time to respect this unique setting.

Beautifully constructed by Clive Barrington Construction

Photos: Sarah Rowlands