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Trade Me 3 Market Lane by HMOA

Trade Me, 3 Market Lane


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HMOA created the award-winning fit-out for Trade Me Wellington's adjacent site at 2 Market Lane, as well as previous interiors for Trade Me Auckland (2015) and Christchurch (2018).

Requiring additional space, this time Trade Me engaged HMOA to work with them to refresh an existing area over three floors of the heritage-listed John Chambers Building. A distinctive, colourful workplace has been created with a new entry that allows Trade Me staff to come and go between 2 and 3 Market Lane. 

The second level has been replanned to create a secure public entry and lobby, and the existing conference area relocated into the central core of the building. Glazed partition walls separate this social area, and the staff cafeteria, from the quiet workspaces. 

A commissioned mural by Wellington artist Gina Kiel tells the Trade Me story along the relined, signature curved walls of this Hoggard, Prouse, Gummer building, originally designed in 1917.

This project saw strong collaboration between architect and client. Key colours have been pulled from the mural to create a vibrant palette, also inspired by Trade Me's furniture selection; an eclectic mix of seating options purchased by Trade Me on Trade Me!

Photos: Andy Spain

Joinery is kept neutral so as not to compete with the central mural. Trade Me's own design for a 'bike coffee grinder' is incorporated.

Maximised ‘whiteboard areas' with feature walls are positioned around the perimeter of the space, with glass whiteboards on the internal stair to retain light and create animated useable wall areas.