Herriot Melhuish O’Neill Architects - Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, Tauranga
Trade Me Slide - Wellington
Trade Me Caravan - Wellington
Trade Me Slide - Wellington

Trade Me, 2 Market Lane


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A kiwi success story, Trade Me is the umbrella company for a collection of other businesses, also housed in its Wellington HQ. Our objective was to imbue a sense of ‘kiwi’ into the interior fit-out and reflect the eclectic nature of the business. A mid-century caravan sits within the space as a meeting area, a custom-designed, spiral slide connects the floors; both blur concepts of inside and outside; of work and play, and are reminiscent of the kiwi backyard.

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This interior fit-out responds to the generally hip and contemporary brand of the clients…,” NZIA Awards Jury, 2015

Photos: Jason Mann

Awards: NZIA Local Award, 2015

A diverse collection of objects, materials, textures and finishes combine to create a high-functioning, cohesive workplace.

The office space is free and open with no obvious hierarchies, the corners being occupied by retreat spaces for meetings and a service hub on each floor,” NZIA Awards Jury, 2015