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The Latest: New Auckland Architects & Apartment Developments

May 7, 2020

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They'd barely worked out where to go for coffee when they were sent home to work. Architectural Graduate, Ana Suznejevic joined our Parnell studio in February and Registered Architect, Jason Yap only shortly before the Level 4 lockdown ...

Ana, you only returned to Auckland late last year...

I spent several years travelling and working in Europe, and reconnecting with family in Croatia. I'm very grateful I returned to New Zealand from London before all this happened. It would have been hard to be over there now, especially to work from home. It's been nice spending quality time with family, living with my parents during lockdown has allowed me to to save money towards my own home. 

HMOA blog ana at desk

Ana working from home

I've been missing going to our little Parnell studio, it's a really nice area. It's been great going to new lunch and coffee spots with the Auckland crew and getting to know them. They are a lovely bunch. 

Jason Yap brings a wealth of commercial experience to HMOA from his previous experience at Auckland practices, Leuschke Kahn ArchitectsContext Architects and Plus Architecture. Jason has spent lockdown at home in Onehunga with his wife, an essential worker at the hospital. 

Jason HMOA Auckland studio

Jason Yap

Jason, how have you found working from home?

It's been great, remote access has allowed us to still work on projects collectively as a team. Strong communication has been essential during this time, more so than usual I think.

I've really missed being able to see and talk to my colleagues in the office, just to ask them how their day is going or a quick question about a project. I've also been surprised by how much I've missed Friday night takeaways!

What are the apartment developments in progress for the Auckland HMOA team?

Buscomb Apartments is a 14-floor apartment building in Henderson.  Construction began late last year with the piling completed just before lockdown.

buscomb for website

HMOA's Buscomb Ave apartments

The contractor is now back onsite and continuing with the foundations. We have been carrying on with the coordination of the façade consent and general clarifications when required.

buscomb for website2

The Rose Road development (below) is an eight-floor apartment building in Ponsonby. We are in the final stages of completing the Building Consent with coordination of the consultant team.  Regular team meetings have helped to keep the ball rolling, and we've also found video conferencing has streamlined the coordination of the consultant team.

rose road marketing 20180207

Rose Rd Apartments. 53 one to three bedroom apartments on a street that connects Grey Lynn Park to Ponsonby Rd